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Indian Railways (Hindi: भारतीय रेल Bhāratīya Rail), abbreviated as IR (Hindi: भा. रे. ), is the state-owned train company of India, which will owns and operates most of the country's train transport. It can be overseen by the Ministry of Railways in the Government of India.

Of india Railways recieve more than sixty four, 015 kms (39, 777 mi)[5] of track and 6, 909 stations. It has the planet's fourth greatest railway network after that states, Russia and China.[5] The railways traverse the length and breadth from the country and carry over 20 million travellers and two million tons of freight daily.[6][7] It truly is one of the planet's largest industrial or energy employers, exceeding 1 . 6th million employees.[6][8] Regarding rolling stock, IR has over two hundred, 000 (freight) wagons, 60, 000 coaches and almost eight, 000 train locomotives.[6]

Railways had been first brought to India in 1853. By simply 1947, the entire year of India's independence, there were forty-two railroad systems. In 1951 the systems were nationalised as one unit, getting one of the greatest networks in the world. IR works both very long distance and suburban train systems on a multi-gauge network of extensive, metre and narrow features. It also has locomotive and coach development facilities.

Primarily, the American indian railways were both designed and developed by the English, during their imperialiste rule in the subcontinent.

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[edit] Organisational structure

Primary article: American indian Railway efficiency structure

American indian Railways is a department possessed and regulated by the Government of India, with the Ministry of Railways. As of May 2010, the Railway Ministry can be headed simply by Mamata Banerjee, the Union Minister pertaining to Railways, and assisted by simply two ministers of Condition for Railways. Indian Railways is implemented by the Train Board, with a financial commissioner, five associates and a boss.[

Train zones

A schematic map of the Of india Railways network, showing the different zones. The headquarters in the Indian Railways in New Delhi

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai First Railway Station in India. As well World Traditions SiteIndian Railways is broken into zones, which are further sub-divided into partitions. The number of areas and specific zones in Of india Railways improved from six to eight in 1951, nine in 1952, and then 16 in 2003. Every single zonal railway is made up of a specific number of categories, each possessing a divisional head office. There are a total of sixty-seven divisions.[10][11]

The Delhi Metro has been built and operated by Delhi Local area Rail Organization Limited (DMRC). The Government of India plus the Government of Delhi jointly set up an organization called the Delhi Community Rail Corporation (DMRC) in March five, 1995 with E. Sreedharan as the managing overseer. He is Padma Vibhushan awardee(Second highest honour) by Authorities of India[17] It is no chance connected to Indian Railways.[12]

Each of the sixteen areas, as well as the Kolkata Metro, can be headed with a General Manager (GM) who reports directly to the Railway Board. The zones are further divided into divisions beneath the control of Divisional Railway Managers (DRM). The divisional representatives of executive, mechanical, electrical, signal and telecommunication, accounts, personnel, working, commercial and safety limbs report to the respective Divisional Manager and therefore are in charge of operation and maintenance of assets. Further down the hierarchy tree will be the Station Experts who control individual channels and the coach movement throughout the track terrain under all their stations' supervision.

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