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Writing Task two

Cause/Effect Composition Assignment

What causes Lying and Unethical Behaviour in Business

Name: Kasin Lau

Student simply no: 100847958

Day: 16, Oct 2013

Lying and underhanded behaviour is usually an unfortunate aspect of business. Unethical behaviour is identified as behavior that contravenes rules designed to conserve the fairness and morality of any situation. Instances of this conduct can range from individuals lying on their business expense reviews to firms falsifying company documents. Underhanded behaviour can damage not only the companies but as well the people that work and spend money on such companies. Penalties consist of losing's ones job, financial fines and in many cases jail time. Three of the most prevalent reasons why persons perform unethical acts are; greed, a better job and work place. One of the main reasons behind unethical behaviour in business is definitely greed. Among how greed and the have to protect ones livelihood could cause unethical actions are the Enron case from the late 1990's. Enron got reported fake profits and failed to stick to generally acknowledged accounting types of procedures. Both internal and external controls failed to detect the financial deficits disguised because profits for a number of years. Enron's managers and professionals knew this and retired or offered their business stock ahead of the truth was disclosed as well as price went down. The desire to further more ones job is another famous form of dishonest behaviour. Underhanded acts are being used as a means of impressing an exceptional or damaging the career of any coworker. Instances of this incorporate taking credit for work by somebody else, sabotaging a fellow staff work and misrepresenting the merchandise or service to get the sale. This ends in conflict and retaliation in the workplace this means you will result in law suits from fooled customers. The work environment and general ambiance in the workplace is yet another top reason for unethical...

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