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MYOB Workbook

Semester 2 2013




Downloading the MYOB Workbook2

An Introduction to MYOB2

Using the Vallely Textbook3

Undertaking the Assignment3

Getting Ready4

Backup Procedure4

Restoring a Backup File4

Finding and Fixing Mistakes5


Finding the Mistake5

Mending the Mistake6

If Everything else Fails6

Prevalent Mistakes6


MYOB Workshop 1 – Setting up MYOB7

Chapter you - Putting in MYOB in your personal computer7

Chapter 2 - Record Creation, Secureness and Maintenance7

Chapter several - Graph of Accounts8

Chapter 4 - Funds Disbursement and Purchasing9

Part 5 -- The Installation of Inventory and Other Items9

Quiz A10


MYOB Workshop a couple of – Expenditure Cycle12

Part 6 -- Purchasing and Supplier Payments12

Checking Your Progress13

MYOB Workshop three or more – Income Cycle14

Section 7 -- The Revenue Cycle: Sales and Funds Collections14

Checking Your Progress15

MYOB Workshop 4 – Month End & Salaries Cycle16

Chapter 8 - End of Month Process16

Chapter on the lookout for - HOURS & Payroll Cycle17

Part 10 -- Not Required18

Checking Your Progress18

Questions B19

APPENDIX A – Installing MYOB at Home20


Please note that the workbook is definitely broken in 2 sections namely:

* Section A – MYOB Data File Setup

2. Section B – Business Transactions

MYOB Data File Setup (Section A) – Covers Vallely - chapters 1 to 5.

This section performs the initial create of Accounts, Suppliers and Inventory Things. As this section is quite extended and wearisome, you are just required to perform small parts from it. For example , instead of setting up the total chart of accounts you merely need to create the advantage accounts, and instead of establishing over forty different inventory items you simply need to create two items.

The parts that you have to do are clearly recognized in the workbook. The knowledge you have in doing Section A will assist in Section B, and the assignment.

Organization Transactions (Section B) – Covers Vallely - chapters 6 to 8.

To help you out with it, you will be supplied with a complete MYOB data apply for the Dee Why Golf Club as at the conclusion of Chapter 5. With just Section N you will have a MYOB data record to use to get the project and also the knowledge gained will help you to complete the assignment. You'll be provided with files to check the accuracy of your work in this section on blackboard.

You cannot work together on any kind of part of it B work with any other student/s as it varieties part of the assignment task.

Then you will need to complete the MYOB assignment.

The task consists of a number of business ventures, a stock take, a traditional bank statement and end of month modifications which you have to apply/enter in MYOB. These types of transactions is surely an extension from the Section W work.

You will need to complete all the Section N work and checked its accuracy before starting the project task.

This is someone piece of evaluation and you are unable to collaborate on this work with some other student/s. In case you are found to have collaborated with others in Section N or the Assignment task, you will be reported for the university to get academic misconduct. We will be checking out for this.

The assignment process will be released in Week almost 8.


Downloading the MYOB Workbook


This MYOB Workbook is available for the Blackboard internet site under Learning Resources An Introduction to MYOB

The MYOB tutorial actions are essentially self-paced and therefore are based on the textbook:

Vallely, Mark (2010) - MYOB: A On the job Approach, AccountRight Enterprise v19.

There are just four 1 hour tutorials allocated to MYOB tutorial activities, nevertheless, you need to finish the relevant parts of this book, as thorough in this workbook before...



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