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Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems

Mini Electro-Mechanical Devices (MEMS) is a integration of mechanical factors, sensors, actuators and electronics on a prevalent silicon base using microfabrication techniques. MEMS are a popular area of study because that they integrate realizing, analyzing and responding about the same silicon base hence promising realization of complete systems-on-a-chip. As MEMS are manufactured applying batch fabrication techniques comparable to IC technology, MEMS are expected to deliver substantial functionality at low prices.

Current systems will be limited by the ability of receptors and actuators, as these are bulkier and less reliable compared to the microelectronic signal. In a MEM system the sensors become the В‘eyes' and gather data about the environment. The microelectronic signal, which is the В‘brain', processes the data and accordingly regulates the mechanised systems, the В‘arms' from the MEMS, to modify the environment suitably. The gadgets on the MEMS are manufactured using IC tactics while micro machining tactics are used to generate the mechanical and electromechanical parts. MEMS Fabrication:

You will discover number of ways to fabricate MEMS like silicon surface micromachining, silicon bulk machining, electro discharge engineering, LIGA (in German, Lithographie, Galvanoformung(Electro Plating), Abformung(Injection Moulding)). Only si surface micromachining is mentioned here.

Silicon Surface Micromachining

Silicon area micromachining uses the same products and techniques as the electronics semiconductor industry. There are three simple building blocks with this technology, which are the ability to deposit thin videos of material over a substrate, to apply a designed mask together with the films by photolithographic imaging, and etch the films selectively to the hide. A MEMS process can be quite a structured pattern of these procedures to form real devices.

1 . Deposition Processes: One of the basic foundations in MEMS...



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