Task Report: Cow Dairy

 Project Statement: Cow Dairy products Essay

|Area Considered 27500 Sft. | |Scope of work | |В |Civil and Interior Work | |1 |Dismantling of existing floor | |2 |Brick function | |3 |Providing and laying brick wall with plaster finished with POP punning and which includes | | |plastic emulsion paint | |4 |Vitrified flooring in 2nd floors entrance main receiving area and very first floor verse, waiting region, | | |reception place and cafe. | |5 |Vitrified ceramic tile flooring in toilet and vitrified tile dado in toilet and pantry. | |6 |Fire alarm devices with sprinklers. | |7 |Kota on hand room. | |8 |Raised floor in Electrical area, UPS and server place | |9 |Granite toilet counter | |10 |Dry pantry counter-top in cafeteria. | |11 |100mm & 75mm solid full height partition finished with plastic emulsion paint | |12 |Full height glass partition in main entrance lobby, meeting room & meeting space. | |13 |Gypsum roof & traditional ceiling | |14 |Doors: 12mm toughned glass with ozone help to make hardware and 38mm laminate finish get rid of door | | |with ozone accessories. | |15 |Built in furniture: Total height storage made out of business ply with 1mm solid | | |laminated shutter release, overhead storage made of business ply with laminate surface finish. | |16 |Loose Household furniture: Reception stand with corian top and laminate about inside with pedestal | | |unit. | |17 |16 seaters and 12 seaters getting together with room desk with layered finish. | |18 |Security table | |В |Electrical work | |В | Design, architecture, supply and installation of main LT panel board, capacitor control | | |panel, lighting circulation board, power distribution board, UPS syndication board, | | |power cabling, control cabling, wiring in conduits, lilghting with lighting fixtures and | | |appliances. Cabling, telephone cabling, Floor trunking and wire tray. | |В |HVAC | |В | Ductable 50 colors split AIR CONDITIONER with grillz and defusers and duct insulations with electrical | | |cabling. | |В |Carpet | |В | Rest of the flooring will be floor covering flooring. | |В |Blinds | |В |Blinds in external house windows | |В |Signage: | | | Signage's in toilet. Meeting room, fireplace fighting staircase etc . |...



 The Process of an Internal Combustion Engine Essay 08.08.2019

The Process of an Internal Combustion Engine Essay

Ellen Bagley The english language 110 Procedure Essay Means of a 4-stroke Internal Combustable Engine A common key phrase that is noticed whilst developing up…...

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 Essay about Bilaspur Secl 08.08.2019

Essay about Bilaspur Secl

917 08.08.2019

Bilaspur Secl

A Training Report In [pic] With special mention of the the study institute of -Submitted to- Being a Mini Teaching report intended…...

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 Intro to Meteorology Essay 08.08.2019

Intro to Meteorology Essay

101 08.08.2019

Intro to Meteorology

Water in Your Everyday routine The questions on the subsequent several webpages are linked to real life encounters that you have experienced or may encounter at some point in your…...

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 Outline for Persuasive Composition on Medical professional Assisted Committing suicide 08.08.2019

Outline for Persuasive Composition on Medical professional Assisted Committing suicide

767 08.08.2019

Format for Influential

Title: Doctor Assisted Suicide Topic: Helped Suicide Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience for the right to select your path with P. A. S. Thesis Statement: Medical…...

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 Lecture Notes Dissertation 08.08.2019

Lecture Notes Dissertation

358 08.08.2019

Lecture Notes

QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY QUT BUSINESS SCHOOL ACCOUNTANCY MYOB Workbook Semester 2 2013 Contents Overview1 Introduction2 Downloading the MYOB Workbook2…...

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